7 june mmxiv

The return makes one love the farewell

DOMAHOKA: Jean-Luc Godard film still

The year MMXIV has been one of significant change for us. A beautiful and sacred one in particular—we welcomed a baby into our lives. As we start this new chapter as a trio, we say farewell to DOMAHOKA, our creative outlet as a duo. The blog will remain online as an archive of 2010–2013, of everything we liked, loved, and of those who inspired us most.

31 december mmxiii

Axial tilt and points on the celestial sphere

DOMAHOKA will be hibernating from here, there, and elsewhere. Thank you to our wonderful and loyal family of readers who keep coming back even though posts have been few and far between. We’ll shed our layers and wake up in MMXIV when the Vernal Equinox is upon us, year of the Equus ferus. Delicious, golden rays of the sun. Until next time.

5 december mmxiii

A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness

DOMAHOKA: Photo by Mark Ho-Kane

We interviewed culinary duo, Mina Stone and Alex Eagleton, for The Coda! Full interview, this way.

31 october mmxiii

The creature has a purpose, and his eyes are bright with it

DOMAHOKA: Photo by Mark Ho-Kane for The Coda

Correspondence feels like a convenient and effective medium for me to express ideas that I couldn’t otherwise express: “Dear so-and-so, I’m f***ing nuts, would you be so kind as to humor me. Yours, Darren [Bader].” —Darren Bader, artist and 2013 Calder Prize Laureate.

25 october mmxiii

An Evening Honoring Karl Lagerfeld Giveaway

DOMAHOKA: Claudia Schiffer by Karl Lagerfeld

Our first giveaway ever and it’s a good one! On the evening of November 6th at 7 PM, the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund is presenting An Evening Honoring Karl Lagerfeld. The Kaiser will be in an intimate conversation hosted by Academy Award nominee, Jessica Chastain, on the Adrienne Arsht Stage of Alice Tully Hall in New York City.

25 september mmxiii

Consciousness articulated

I love a woman whose beauty is inherently intelligent. —Thessaly La Force, Vogue.com culture editor. Beam yourself over to The Coda for the full interview.

16 september mmxiii

From place to place

DOMAHOKA: Photo by Doris Ho-Kane for The Coda

Doris interviewed and photographed writer Katherine Bernard for The Coda. Read if you please.