25 august mmx
We’ll grow old together
DOMAHOKA: Perseids/Aurora photo, Unknown
DOMAHOKA: Mina Stone Autumn/Winter 2010 detail
DOMAHOKA: Perseids/Milky Way photo, Wikipedia
DOMAHOKA: Wrinkled hands to hold, Unknown

The DOMAHOKA Showroom is now official! We are so happy and honored to be representing brilliant designer, Mina Stone, for Spring/Summer 2011. Please let us know if there are any lines out there that you love and would like to see join our family of designers. Or perhaps, this is you! We prefer to only represent 2 to 4 lines. Small and intimate. We’ll grow old together.

For more details, please email Merci toujours, mes amies.


words Doris Ho

image Perseids/Aurora photo, Unknown

image Mina Stone Simione watercolor dress detail from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection

image Perseids/Milky Way photo, Wikipedia

image Wrinkled hands to hold, Unknown